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About Laurel

Laurel started dancing in 1974. Her young love of movement blossomed into a full and successful career as a professional dancer/model based in Los Angeles. Her dance took her to exotic places around the globe, sparking her remembrance and deepening her love and committment to the people and the land.

While her career was fully active,1990 was a time of great change and resource building. Laurel entered into a life style revolution. After a two and a half week vision quest she returned to a life where all of her spare time was spent immersed in yoga, cleansing, educational programs and spiritual pilgrimages. This was a time of replanting her roots into the earth while her branches touched the sky.

In May of 1992 Laurel began practicing deep tissue massage in between her dance engagements, as a means of following her deeper impulse to support life. There was a transition in 1994 where she started to travel outside of her work. She found a passion in taking her spiritual work to sacred sights around the world. She has now touched the soil of thirty four countries with many more awaiting her arrival.

In 1996 while in Brazil, she was introduced to a spiritual community that practices deep healing/prayer work for the individual and the collective. This path works with the Christ energies as well as the indigenous earth energies. To this day, Laurel remains an integral part of a Los Angeles community devoted to that work.

By this time, Laurel could see the season of winter was quickly approaching on her first loved career as a professional entertainer. In this window of uncertainty she felt the pains of letting go of an identity. In the moments of regeneration and renewal, God's Grace was felt. She heard a voice directing her into how to transition her dance life. Over a period of six months Laurel had full remembrance of the sacred initiatory dances done in the Holiest of Holy Temples for only those souls that where walking the path of fully awakening the God Head while in the body. In 1998 Laurel started teaching Spirit Dance classes and offering Sacred Prayer Dances at gatherings around the world.

In June of 1999 after completing a three year mentorship program, Laurel was ordained as a Spiritual Minister and Transpersonal Counselor by the Association for the Integration of the Whole Person. Laurel began performing marriage ceremonies and was also working with those who were either approaching their final transition from this life or those who had already made their passage. Laurel had also been studying with Letecia Layson, High Priestess of the Circle of Aradia in Los Angeles. Laurel's focus was moving more towards working with women and girls in rights of remembering. Laurel and Letecia began co-facilitating "Women with Wings" workshops and continue to collaborate in ways that serve the community of women.

By 2000 the next career was coming into focus and she had taken her first steps into what has been an abundant and rich journey. Laurel became a DONA certified doula (labor and birth support).During this time of supporting pregnant moms, dads and babies, she was also studying with Ray Castilleno (one of the world leaders in revolutionizing our knowledge and understanding of how to birth and support healthy babies and families). While completing Dr. Castellino's two and a half year Foundation Training, Laurel also received her certification as a Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist. She uses her skills and resources not only to support those she works with but also to educate others that there is a more gentle approach to this Earth Walk.

In summation, Laurel Kitten specializes in Sacred Dance and the Empowerment of Women. She is a Ceremonialist, Doula, Birth Educator, Massage/Craniosacral Therapist, Counselor and Minister. Her vision is to support a cultural shift in the conversation around women's issues, conscious conception, support during pregnancy, births that honor mother and baby first, community support around post partum, attachment parenting, honoring the rights of passage at each stage of life as well as the cycles of eldering and reconnecting the memories of mother, child, father, family and community back into the tapestry of the natural order.

Simply said Laurel is the Goddess at the Gateway supporting the transitions of life into greater balance.

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