Classes - From preconception through ealry childhood development


At present time we have two different models of reality simultaneously occurring around preconception through early childhood development. The common theme is that everyone's intention is to do the best and right thing.

We will discuss both of these models and then focus on the health of the family system and how to support optimal development biologically, emotionally and socially.

We are at a time when more information than ever before is available. We are also seeing that all of this information is taking us back to the natural imperative and to the wisdom that many of the indigenous peoples have always known.

We can now begin integrating this knowledge whether from the perspective of the first people or that of cutting edge research, into the cultural consciousness of the West.

7 Class Series
These classes are designed to support those who are thinking about becoming parents, those who are already pregnant or parents of any age who want to continue to develop their knowledge base.

Includes preparing for conception, healthy gestation, labor and birth, postpartum and parenting skills.

Two Day Workshops
Our deepest relationship to ourselves and others was set in motion with how our ancestral material was passed down, how we were conceived, what stressors our mothers went through during our gestation, how we were birthed and how life was reflected to us in our early years.

When there was not enough support for mother, chronic stress and breaks in the natural sequencing around birth through interventions, these imprints continue to play themselves out into our adult lives. Our nervous system organizes around these early times and influences our choices around transitions and our own ability to handle stress.

Out of these experiences our perceptions and beliefs about the world and our relationships in it, are formed; continually re-capitulated in our lives, played out over and over. In this two day workshop we will work with the repatterning of our own birth imprints.

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