Doula - Educational, emotional and physical support for mother, baby and father during the labor and birht experience.

DONA Certified Doula

There is a sacred window where a new mother or any mother reorganizes how she feels about herself, her child and the world. This window occurs at conception and continues through the postpartum period. In this same window more happens in a baby's life than at any other time for the duration of that beings' life. More than any other time, mom and baby need to be supported in their deepest intentions with the greatest feeling of safety and nurturement. Supporting mothers during this window increases the mothers well-being.

When mother is well, baby and family are well.
When the family is well, society is well.
When society is well, the country is well.
When countries are well, the World is well.

As a doula, I mother the mother, act as ally and friend to the baby, support father or birth partner and mother in their union. As an advocate for the emerging family, I offer support in whatever ways are needed to optimize the connection and health of the family as a whole.

Studies have shown that the continual presence of an experienced labor support person shortens labor by about two hours, reduces the incidence of unplanned C-sections by up to 50%, decreases the amount of medications used and enhances the birth partner's involvement (M.H. Klaus, Mothering the Mother 1993).

What is Offered
  • Initial meeting (which includes general "what to expect during labor" information)
  • Support in creating a birth plan
  • Phone communication throughout early labor
  • Doula presence during active labor
  • Emotional, physical and educational support during labor and birth
  • Support of initial breast feeding after the birth
  • Follow up meeting within a week of the birth to integrate the birth story


For each mother to receive at least one pregnancy massage before labor. This gives us the space to create greater safety and also the felt sense of opening and spreading which will be needed during labor.

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