Spirit Dance Classes & Workshops

Spirit Dance is a ritually held container that weaves intention, prayer, yoga, sound, movement and storytelling. Joining in sacred counsel we remember our wholeness together. We are the story tellers of not only our own story but of Humanities and of the Earth. As we dance our prayers we touch all of life seen and unseen, united with our ancestors while blessing our future generations.

People from the beginning of time have used dance as a form of worship, healing, grieving, initiating, calling forth the rains, asking for abundant crops and weaving new worlds into existence. Our ancient and future threads are all accessible in the present moment of the dance. One can simply remember how fully we are held and loved by all of life as we offer that same blessing back, nourishing all that surrounds us.

Skill Development Offered

Spirit Dance

"I began attending Laurel Kitten's Spirit Dance circles on September 11th 2001. There was an amazing awakening that began to unfold within me on that day. She is able to hold a nurturing space for each person to bring forth a wisdom through dance that they may not be fully conscious of. Each participant is supported in dancing "their dance" free of restriction and judgment, which allows a teaching to pour forth from the depths of the collective wisdom, transmitted through their own creative movement. Each "witness" is then allowed an interpretation of the teaching that is brought out in the dance.

This class truly transformed me, bringing me into a deeper sense of myself as a woman, and fully connecting my body with my spirit."

-Laura Berry

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