I've known Laurel for over five years and I've always admired her strength of character and her total commitment to her spiritual ideals. I met her when she was performing her spirit dance and I was immediatly drawn to her grace, beauty and strong spiritual presence. I then began attending her spirit dance class regularly and I deeply enjoyed the space she held for sacred movement.

When I discovered I was pregnant, I knew that Laurel was to be my doula. I had to have a hospital birth, but knew I wanted a totally natural childbirth. My birth plan was successful because of Laurel. She was amazing! She held my hand the entire time, explained everything to me and fought for my right to be in control of the birth of my child. She was my friend, birthing coach, advocate and warrior woman. I felt safe because Laurel was constantly supporting, nurturing and protecting me and my baby, even in the unsafe feeling environment of the hospital.

I've given birth with and without a doula and believe that every woman needs one. I would wholeheartedly recommend Laurel to anyone. She is an excellent doula, dancer, healer, teacher and person!

~ Julie Jordan

Laurel Kittens' approach to Cranial Sacral therapy is like no other. All of her considerable knowledge and intuitive insight come into play as she worked with me to unravel birth trauma which applied to current blocks I was experiencing in life. The feeling I was left with was a deep sense of self that I was able to reference in my daily life. There is a deep unwinding that takes place in sessions with Laurel and I feel truly blessed to have found her.

~ Laura Berry

Laurel Kitten has touched my life in so many ways that words can’t fully express the gratitude in my heart for who she is and how she has profoundly and positively affected my life. I have had the blessing of knowing and experiencing the many sides of this woman: friend, visionary, healer, Shaman, and Doula to name a few. I met Laurel in the 1990’s and we immediately became friends. In 1994 I became very sick with Rheumatoid Arthritis and Laurel recognized that I had begun the process of leaving my body. She experienced death surrounding me. She asked if she could come over to my home and do some deep soul work. I agreed and met a different aspect of her that day; an ancient healing presence. The Laurel that I knew transformed into this old Indian Shaman. I experienced soul retrieval that day and began to heal immediately. You wouldn’t know today that I have had Rheumatoid Arthritis.

In 2000 I became pregnant with my daughter Aria. I asked Laurel if she would be at the birth. She was moved to tears and made it her mission to learn everything about birth support. I couldn’t have dreamed in a more powerful and amazing labor support person than Laurel. She met me exactly where I was and reminded me of my strength, beauty and deep commitment to bringing my child into this world consciously with love. Her presence was love itself surrounding me. I am so honored to have this amazing woman in my life.

~ Larisa Stow

Childbirth is an amazing and intense journey. Laurel Kitten is the best tour guide you can hire for your trip. I was in early labor for 48 hours before my son was born. Laurel was with me for the better part of those two days, massaging me, walking with me and just being supportive, not only to me but to my husband.

I had considered using my husband as my birthing coach but I realized that he had never witnessed a birth so it seemed like a lot to burden him with. I wouldn't have wanted to have been my midwife's first childbirth so why would I want to put that kind of pressure on my husband? As my body was doing things it had never done before, Laurel would gracefully explain what was happening. Her words and demeanor were so comforting and empowermg.

My 9.9 pound baby boy was born at home, in water and it was a fantastic experience. Thanks to Laurel's knowledge, expertise and guidance in the 2 days leading up to Cooper's birth, I was in active labor for only 3 hours. He came into the world very calmly and very sweetly. I give an incredible amount of credit to Laurel for the ease with which I gave birth. I can't imagine having another child without Laurel being at my side guiding us.

~ Mindy Johnson

On October 09, 2004 the then Ms. Lilia Aguilar and I got married. The person performing the ceremony for us was Ms. Laurel Kitten.
We had both witnessed a wedding over a year earlier where Laurel presided over the ceremony and we were both left with lasting memories not only of the ceremony, but of Laurel as well. Her attention to detail, her obvious pride in performing the ceremony, and her easy going manner as she mingled with all of the guests after the ceremony were most inspiring. At that time neither of us had the idea that we would get married. I proposed to Lilia and she accepted on Christmas Eve of 2003.

When Lilia and I were discussing who we would like to perform the ceremony for us our first thought was Laurel. The memory of the ceremony we had witnessed led us to call Laurel to see if she would consider performing our wedding ceremony. When we did she was very pleasant on the phone, excited that we had remembered her and contacted her, and genuinely enthusiastic about meeting with us to discuss our wedding plans. We made an appointment and met with Laurel. She had obviously done this many times before and made the conversation extremely easy for us. Within a short period of time Laurel let us know that she would perform our ceremony. We were instantly happy with the news. We were not rushed in any way manner or form, and the conversation continued for some time. We discussed some of our own ideas to create what we felt was the perfect ceremony, and Laurel suggested some of her own. As the evening came to an end Laurel left us with a book. She asked us to read it as it was an example of some of the weddings she had previously performed. The book itself was extremely helpful. It described some of her the previous ceremonies along with some of the verbiage used, and listed a variety of different prayers that we could apply to our ceremony if we chose to. When all was said and done we implemented several excerpts from some of the previous ceremonies as well as some of the prayers listed in the book and combined them with some of our own ideas to create what we felt was the perfect ceremony for us. By now a couple of months had passed and Laurel stayed in contact with us discussing our ideas and implementing a few of her own. When all was said and done with Laurel’s help we had created the perfect ceremony for us.

The day of the wedding Laurel was there early mingling with the guests and making everyone feel comfortable. I know that she spent some time with Lilia and as the time neared she found me with my best man just a little nervous to say the least. She talked with me had me take a few deep breaths, and in a comforting way slowly talked me through everything that was about to happen. When the time came I was relaxed and followed in Laurel’s footsteps as we neared the gazebo where the ceremony was to take place. As my bride to be came out and stood by my side you could hear the sounds of what a wonderful world being played, and if you looked at the guests everyone was crying, including me. From this point on it is our ceremony and you will have to read the book if Laurel put it in there. Laurel was wearing a microphone as she read every excerpt, every prayer, and every word we wanted slowly and in detail so that everyone in attendance could hear and understand. As the ceremony came to an end there was the usual hustle and bustle with everyone going in different directions. After each person congratulated Lilia and Me the conversation immediately turned to Laurel. Everyone in attendance was as impressed with Laurel as much as Lilia and I had been that first time we had seen her now nearly two years ago. At the reception Laurel again mingled with all of the guests making everyone feel at ease, and she was at ease with everyone in attendance as well. At one point during the reception the song the electric slide began to play. Several of us were dancing and to our surprise Laurel came out and joined us. Let this simply suffice by saying that for a minister she dances pretty darn well tooooo. The bottom line to this is that we had a beautiful wedding. Laurel was the perfect person to perform our perfect wedding and we will be grateful to her always for helping to make our day so very special. She has stayed in contact with us since the wedding, and if there is anyone we know that is looking for a person to perform their wedding ceremony we are sure to recommend Laurel instantly.

~ Thomas F. Smith

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